The Indigenous Design Place (IDP) is a strategic cross-faculty funded initiative supported by The University of Queensland.

IDP functions as a research hub, which aims to develop innovative Aboriginal-led social and built environment design solutions to improve quality of life and wellbeing for Australian Indigenous communities.

The IDP builds on the intellectual base established through the AERC to respond to a proven academic, community and industry need for culturally appropriate design solutions with practical application. UQ has a potentially unique and leading competitive advantage in this field, as well as differentiated national research strengths, based on the customer networks and human resources established and built in the AERC over the last 15 years. 

AERC is recognised for its: (i) breadth of tested UQ research capabilities across the social, engineering, physical, natural sciences and humanities, with proven team experiences; (ii) strong sustained engagement with government and community sectors whereby we respond to their priority needs and project concepts; and (iii) strong capacity for business development and commercial contract management. 


One type of output of the Indigenous Design Place is Seminars, Symposiums and Lectures. Bringing Indigenous Organisations together with Government, Service Providers, Industry Stakeholders and Researchers from across multiple disciplines to discuss, educate and innovate.

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