Aboriginal Cultural Landscape Walking Tours offers guests a unique urban Aboriginal experience of the cultural landscape of Brisbane City, South Brisbane and West End.

Join Aboriginal scholar, Alex Bond on a walking tour of Brisbane, in which he highlights the traditional Aboriginal significance of places throughout this area, discussing important historical events which occurred during the colonial era, and explains the continued Aboriginal significance of the landscape today. If requested, Alex can be accompanied by Professor Paul Memmott as a support guide who will provide additional anthropological perspectives.

Tours are professionally organised through The University of Queensland. Both guides have immense knowledge and understanding of Australian Aboriginal cultures and lifeways and have held long-standing working relationships with members of the Indigenous community. Tours are informal and relaxed and invite open discussion between the guides and the visitors. We stop at various locations for toilet breaks, food and drink stops and to ensure everyone is having an enjoyable, informative and inspiring experience.

Tours are suitable for:

Corporate groups:

  • Corporate/Government
  • Educational facilitators
  • Cultural Awareness Training
  • Indigenous Supervisors and Mentors

Students: (must be a registered educational institution)

  • University students
  • College students

1. Participants can expect to gain

  • Unique and rare insight and knowledge of Aboriginal culture and heritage of the Brisbane region.
  • Learn about the traditional and colonial history of the wider Goorie Society in Brisbane City and greater south-east Queensland region:
    • Learn about the cultural exchanges and events that occurred between Indigenous tribal groups of the area, prior to colonisation and into the mid 1800s (including traditional ceremonies, initiations, inter-relationships, conflict resolution, songlines, lifeways etc)
    • Learn about the relationships between Indigenous peoples and the colonial Australians as they transformed under the Aboriginal Acts in the 1900s
  • Learn about the recent historical events that have occurred in Brisbane City and greater South-East Queensland, between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples:
    • Native title
    • Land rights
    • Aboriginal affairs and government policy

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* The Aboriginal Cultural Landscape Walking Tour is an initiative of the Indigenous Design Place, The University of Queensland.