Aboriginal Environments Research Collaborative

The Aboriginal Environments Research Collaborative (AERC) is for academic research on Indigenous cultures and environments.

The AERC functions as a research centre, a teaching centre, an archive and engages in consultancy. Research projects are aimed at drawing on Indigenous cultural traditions that are relevant for adaption to contemporary local and regional contexts that inform and strengthen cultural identity and provide opportunities for healing and wellbeing.

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About the group

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Research for Indigenous peoples includes culturally appropriate design of buildings, services, cultural landscapes, well-being and social planning for communities.
Cross-disciplinary research for innovative Aboriginal-led social and built environment design solutions to improve the quality of life.
Tours offer guests a unique experience of the Aboriginal cultural landscape of Brisbane City, South Brisbane and West End.


The AERC collaborates with Indigenous organisations, Australian Universities and Government agencies both nationally and internationally.

ISSR        Indigenous Design Place


Myuma, Anyinginyi, Purple House, Jimaylya, Kabi Kabi Aboriginal community, Puuyu

A NEW photographic exhibition has opened at the Mount Isa Civic Centre. University of Queensland researchers have complied an exhibition titled Meston's Wild Australia Show 18921893.
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