Seminar - The Life and Work of Robin F. Gibson (1930-2014)

28 Oct 2020

Robin Finlay Gibson (1930-2014) is one of Queensland’s most distinguished architects, having raised the community’s understanding and appreciation of architecture through his advocacy and the consistent quality of his many public and private projects. Apart from the Queensland Cultural Centre, Gibson’s architectural output and career remain largely unstudied. Since his death in 2014, ATCH has been working to determine the range and usefulness of primary resources – architectural plans, drawings, models, photographs and correspondence – relating to Gibson’s life and career. These sources include the working collection of the practice recently donated by the Gibson family to the Fryer Library at the University of Queensland. This research has resulted in a new book, to be published in 2020, which will document aspects of Gibson’s life and work.

The seminar will present three papers from the book including:

Lloyd Jones: Robin F Gibson and Partners
Dr Susan Holden: Mainstream Modern: The Campus Commissions of Robin Gibson and Partners
Dr Deborah van der Plaat: The Psychology of Selling and the Selling of Architecture: Gibson’s retail schemes


This event is part of the 2020 research webinar series.