Your homeroom is a vibrant space where you can work with your peers across planning, architecture and design. Interdisciplinary collaboration is an important part of your studies and a valuable asset that will carry through to your future work.

Homerooms are:

  • A place for undertaking individual and group project work, and general study and discussion
  • A home base for you while you are on campus. You can set up your own desk for use throughout the year in the homeroom.
  • A shared space, used by peers, studio advisors, and course coordinators - please be conscious and respectful of all studio users.

It’s up to you to make the most of this homeroom space!

Homeroom locations

There are two homerooms in the Zelman Cowen Building (51):


Homerooms are unlocked between 8am and 6pm. Outside of these hours, homerooms are locked and can only be opened with a swipe card.

All students are required to complete the 51 & 51A Building Induction prior to working in a homeroom.


The homerooms have a mixture of items available for you to use:

  • Office furniture, in addition to the usual tables and chairs there are lounges and collaborative working spaces
  • Computers 
  • Lockers (BYO padlock; lockers must be emptied at the end of semester)
  • Model making materials – for free!
  • Library of books that are free for you to use
  • Storage racks for storing models throughout the semester
  • Drawing boards

Sustainability and Recycling

Sustainability and recycling is important to all of us in the School of ADP; we encourage the use of sustainable materials and recycled products where possible. There are places in the undergraduate homeroom (Room 481) where you can find materials that are available for you to use - for free!

At the end of each semester we put any excess materials we find in the homeroom for you to use – please add any materials you have left over from making your model here for your classmates to use.

Please keep this area tidy so everyone can benefit from this resource.

Test and Tag

If you bring any electrical items from home, please make sure you have done the required Test & Tag of your equipment before bringing it in the first time.


Bins are provided in homerooms for general waste, recyclables and paper – please place food waste in external bins to avoid bad smells and insects in the homerooms.

The cleaning staff empty the homeroom bins weekly. The cleaning team are not there to keep your space tidy; anything left on tables will not be touched or removed by our cleaning team.

To ensure that the workspace can be enjoyed by all, please assist by cleaning up your space frequently and placing your rubbish in the bins provided.

Spray Adhesive and Paint

Many spray adhesives and paints have chemicals in them which can cause a reaction, for example, dermatitis, headaches and nausea, as well other more serious conditions. Many also contain flammable substances, which means they have the potential to ignite.

Check your product for a ‘flammable’ symbol. If it has one, it must –

  • Be used outside or in the CoLab (confined spaces can be unsafe oxygen levels when using these items).  
  • Be stored in a flammable cabinet when not in use. There are two cabinets that you can use – one is inside the workshop and the other is located on the external wall to the workshop. Please see the CoLab team for more information. Do not store flammable items in the homeroom.

Important to remember

Please note, deliberately or carelessly damaging property shall be treated as vandalism and any incidents will be handled by UQ Security. Careless damage of property includes cutting the drawing boards and tables, and over spray from aerosol adhesive. Tasks more likely to damage equipment such as painting or cutting using anything other than scissors (eg. Stanley knife) should be done in the Co-Lab.

Please wear headphones if playing sound to minimise the noise impact for others in the room, or agree with others in the studio when playing sound aloud

The School is not responsible for the security of students’ personal equipment. In the event of loss or theft or equipment belonging to the University or to students, the full circumstances should be reported to UQ Security, Lost Property, and the School of Architecture, Design and Planning reception promptly.