Student learning collaborations

We want our graduates to have the skills that meet your needs.


We know how important it is for our graduates to get a taste of industry experience and have the opportunity to test their skills while making a meaningful contribution to the development of the built environment.

By offering a project, internship or vacation position to a student, it gives you a chance to undertake cost-effective research and development or improvement in an area where resources or personnel are lacking.

To find out more about how you can collaborate with our students through placements, visit the Faculty website or contact the Industry Placements Coordinator on +61 7 3346 7696 or via email.

Sponsorship or participation in events

Sponsoring a group or event is a great way to engage with our students and provide the opportunity for students to learn and create. You can show your support for educational initiatives that develop technical knowledge and skills in creativity, communication, teamwork and management.

A great example of this is the end of year exhibition.

For more information on sponsoring or participating in events, contact our Faculty Advancement office on +61 7 3365 4302 or via email.

Grant a scholarship or prize

Reward scholarship and innovation, or provide support for disadvantaged students.

Scholarships support academically gifted, as well as disadvantaged students, increasing excellence and opportunity.

For more information on sponsoring a scholarship or prize, contact our Faculty Advancement office on +61 7 3365 4302 or via email.

Engage with a student society

Increase awareness of your organisation and stay connected with the next wave of graduates.

By engaging with a student society you can hold seminars about your vacation opportunities and graduate programs, run networking barbeques, or sponsor society activities.

For more information about each student society, please visit the UQ Union website.