Book launch - Drawing Climate: Visualising Invisible Elements of Architecture

6 Jun 2022

The upcoming book launch of Drawing Climate: Visualising the Invisible in Architecture, edited by Daniel Ryan, Jennifer Ferng and Erik L’Heureux and published by Birkhäuser, is an opportunity for those in Sydney to gain a first look at this new work, which includes a chapter by UQ School of Architecture Senior Lecturers Dr Nicole Sully and Dr Deborah van der Plaat.

Climate change presents not only an environmental challenge but a representational one that will push architects to rethink how climate events are incorporated into their practices. Drawing Climate examines what it means for architects and landscape architects to depict seasons and weather but increasingly extreme events like bushfires, floods, and heatwaves. It argues that design professionals need to engage with climate more deeply and understand the origins and patterns of ephemeral phenomena like fire, precipitation and wind. Adapting pre-existing buildings and landscapes for future climate effects must begin first with more sustained connections with our local environments. This book traverses several climate types from arid, dry climates, tropical zones, to icy, polar regions.

Drawing Climate is one of the outcomes of a joint research project between the University of Sydney and National University Singapore. It was supported by a Partnership Collaboration Award (2018-2019), with further funding from the Sydney School of Architecture Design and Planning and the Department of Architecture at the National University Singapore.

Date and Time
Tuesday 07 June 2022
6:30pm–7:30pm AEST
Lecture Theatre 1 Wilkinson Building
148 City Rd, Darlington NSW 2008
Prof. Robyn Dowling, Dean of the School of Architecture, Design and Planning.
Prof. Olivia Hyde, Professor of Practice in Architecture at the University of Sydney and Director of Design Excellence at the Government Architect NSW
Dr. Jennifer Ferng, Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning
Dr. Daniel Ryan, Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning

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