UQ launches new set of design-focussed programs

1 Sep 2020

The University of Queensland is preparing design professionals to meet the challenges of the future with a new set of programs.

The new programs have been developed to meet the growing industry need for a new style of design professional who is both highly technically skilled and highly creative; who can lead change and contribute to a more efficient, sustainable world.

Whether they’re managing the complexity of contemporary cities, meeting the global megatrend of urbanisation head on or designing creative solutions for a better world, UQ is equipping tomorrow’s design professionals with the skills to challenge conventional thinking and bring a new mindset to business problems.

Bachelor of Design

UQ’s new Bachelor of Design is a unique program which has been developed to prepare a new breed of creative professional who can apply design-thinking to business problems and provide innovate solutions.

The new program will equip design professionals with a flexible range of skills to explore different career options. From communication or industrial design, to spatial and human-centred design, students will develop expertise in their area of interest, with four diverse majors to choose from: Anthropology, Building and Environments, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Media and Digital Cultures.

They will learn the core principles of design across six design studio courses throughout their three-year program, and explore processes including problem identification, critical thinking, communication and representation skills and iterative approaches relevant to their discipline.

The focus of the program is on practical studio-based learning, where students will work in teams to collaborate, challenge assumptions, prototype innovative and sustainable solutions, and systematically solve problems in creative and novel ways.

Master of Urban Development and Design

In a bold effort to prepare for the age of the Australian ‘megacity’, UQ has created Queensland’s first Master’s degree in Urban Development and Design.

The new two-year Master of Urban Development and Design will feature a transdisciplinary range of courses across several fields, including architecture, civil engineering, planning, policy, economics and business leadership.

The program is designed to provide professionals with a background in architectural design, landscape architecture, regional and town planning with the opportunity to accelerate their career, while working towards a broader goal of creating more efficient, sustainable and meaningful urban centres.

The new programs will be offered alongside UQ’s Bachelor of Architectural Design and Master of Architecture programs and are open now for 2021 enrolment.

To learn more and explore the study options available within Architecture, Planning and Design at UQ visit Future Students.