in.bloom - an immersive design experience at UQ

24 Oct 2019

in.bloom is the prodigy of a UQ School of Music and School of Architecture research collaboration between PhD students Joshua Rivory and Kristina Boychenko.

These students, along with academic supervisor Dr Fred Fialho Teixeira, have combined their PhD projects to create a UQ BLOOM Fesival-inspired interactive prototype.

The students describe their collaboration as an audio-visual, immersive and interactive experience. 

"Basically it is a gigantic 10-metre by -metre dome-like structure that moves, breathes and sings in response to human touch," they said.

"The experience is a physical and emotional one as they take in the robotic blossoms, the different sounds and the spectacles of light produced by the life like creature.

"The prototype truly is spectacular in that your experience will be unique and unlike anybody else’s while you are in it.

"The creature will lure you to follow the unique path it lays out for you, or if venturing in with others, the space will produce an innovative pathway and experience for the group."

Visit The University of Queenlsand's Art Museum to experience in.bloom.

The prototype will be open to visitors from Wednesday 23 October 2019 until Saturday 30 November 2019 from Monday to Friday from 12pm to 8pm and on Saturdays from 4pm to 8pm. This is a free event.

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