New study into Australian architecture in China

10 Jul 2019

University of Queensland researchers will explore how the ingenuity and expertise of Australian architects contributes to improving the quality of life among Chinese citizens.

The Australian Embassy in Beijing and Australian Consulate-General in Chengdu have commissioned a UQ School of Architecture team to undertake the project.

The Head of the School of Architecture Professor Cameron Bruhn said the team would also look at the emerging investment in public and community projects by governments in China.

“Australian architects have been living and working in China since the early 1980s,” Professor Bruhn said.

“The scope and impact of their work exemplifies the economic and cultural success of the nation’s professional services exports.

“This study will draw on the significant achievements of the past 40 years to anticipate future opportunities.”

Professor Bruhn said the study is part of a long lasting and strong relationship between China and Australia.

“China and Australia have celebrated 45 years of diplomatic relations and the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the Australia-China Council,” he said.

artist impression of architecture“In March this year, the Australian Government announced the establishment of the National Foundation for Australia-China Relations.

“The Foundation will build on the pioneering work of the Australia-China Council and engage all sectors of Australian society to strengthen one of Australia’s most significant bilateral relationships.”

Australian architects and designers working in the Chinese market are invited to participate by contacting the research team.

Media: School of Architecture, Professor Cameron Bruhn, ; EAIT Communications, Paige Ashby,, +61 430 511 615.