Enduring Design Masterclass

The Enduring Design Masterclass is the first of its kind in Australia. Drawing from The University of Queensland’s highly regarded expertise in Indigenous architecture, and the King’s Trust Australia and INTBAU’s extensive knowledge in traditional design and trades skills from across the globe, the course will equip students with a strong, hands-on grounding in the diverse traditional building cultures of Australia, and reconnect them with the enduring design traditions that have stood the test of time.

“The real-world pressures of climate change and increasing population density means we need to come up with new solutions on how to build a more sustainable future. Of course, some of those solutions actually come from our past. Traditional design and trades offer us an exciting opportunity to tap into the best lessons from the past to bring them forward, and integrate those lessons with contemporary design to help build more sustainable places,” notes Executive Director and Director Sustainable Communities at King’s Trust Australia, Justin Hewitt.

Find out all the details for the 2024 Enduring Design Masterclass and how you can get involved.