Enduring Design Masterclass 2021

14 June 2021

Tried and tested traditional design and trades skills have responded to local cultural and climatic conditions for thousands of years, producing buildings and urban landscapes that are sustainable, durable, and foster local character and regional diversity.

Despite this, outside of heritage conservation, many of the skills and knowledge required to design and build within these traditions have become separated from the main current of design thinking.

In June 2021, the University of Queensland School of Architecture and the Prince’s Trust Australia will partner to deliver the Enduring Design Masterclass, a winter intensive course that will provide Built Environment students with a practical understanding of the sustainable practice of traditional building knowledge.

School of Architecture Dean and Head Professor Cameron Bruhn said the Enduring Design Masterclass aimed to expose participants to traditional Australian knowledge around sustainability, design and building.

“The classes will focus on traditional design theory, natural materials, trades and cross-cultural experiences, ranging from timber-framing and stonemasonry skills through to indigenous perspectives and enduring design philosophies” Professor Bruhn said.

Professor Bruhn said the Masterclass was the first of its kind in Australia, reconnecting participants with the enduring design traditions that have stood the test of time.

“Teaching traditional and local design principles to the next generation is critical to creating the climate-sensitive cities of the future” Professor Bruhn said.

UQ will deliver the program in June 2021 in partnership with the Prince’s Trust Australia and the Australian chapter of the International Network of Traditional Building Architecture and Urbanism (INTBAU).

The program draws from the University of Queensland’s highly regarded expertise in Indigenous architecture, and the Prince’s Trust Australia and INTBAU’s extensive knowledge in traditional design and trades skills from across the globe.

Justin Hewitt, Executive Director and Director of Sustainable Communities at Prince’s Trust Australia stated that “The Enduring Design Masterclass is a unique course in Australia which will equip participants with a strong, hands-on grounding in the diverse traditional building cultures of Australia, and reconnect them with the enduring design traditions that have stood the test of time to create valuable and sustainable stores of knowledge for how to build well, both for today and for all times”.

The Enduring Design Masterclass will be run for students in June and August 2021 in Brisbane.  

Learn more about Prince’s Trust Australia and the University of Queensland.