Student Services

Student Services provides a range of free services to support you during your time at UQ, including:

  • Accommodation
  • Counselling
  • Disability support
  • Faith support
  • International support
  • Learning support
  • New2UQ
  • Workshops

Student Advocacy and Support

This is a free, independent, short term support service for all UQ students which can provide assistance on matters relating to the following services:

  • Academic
  • Job preparation
  • Legal
  • Proofreaders list
  • Visa
  • Welfare and wellbeing

Student Charter 3.60.01

The Student Charter sets out the University’s commitment to students’ education and experience at UQ; the expectations/responsibilities of all members with respect to conduct; and provides guidelines to foster a healthy, diverse, creative and high-achieving environment within which to study, research and work.