You are invited to join us for the sixth instalment of our new online Architecture Alumni Talk series featuring Jeff Fearon, Director of Fearon Hay in Auckland, New Zealand.

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About Jeff Fearon

Jeff was born and educated in Auckland, New Zealand. He pursued his architectural studies in Australia.

The Fearon Hay director has a passion for architecture, particularly the making of architecture - its assembly, logic, beauty & detail. He found a vehicle and partner for pursuing this passion when he established Fearon Hay Architects with Tim Hay in 1998.

There is a focus on detail, but equally a focus on how architecture performs in its place - whether it is an urban context or natural landscape. His work seeks to understand how people move, occupy and experience their place in architecture.

Investigation of place, curiosity and interest in the architectural and urban work of others drives global travel and participation in international architectural programmes.

About Architecture Alumni Webinar Series

Hear from leaders in the industry and celebrate our most distinguished UQ alumni by joining the School of Architecture's Alumni Webinar Series. Speakers will discuss their lives in architecture as well as their current projects, research and achievements, with a live Q+A concluding each talk.

The 2021 Architecture Alumni Talk Series:

Semester two program: 19 August to 02 September 2021

This is a free professional development event and registrations are essential.