Stunning installation by UQ at Botanica: Contemporary Art Outside 2023

18 May 2023

Artwork title: Hills

Artists: Dan Luo (UQ), Weixin Huang (Tsinghua)

Artist statement

The spatial installation, Hills, incorporates the traditional Japanese bamboo weaving technique known as Kagome into a surreal scene of urban landscape. The hexagonal weaving technique known as "Rokuro Kagome" in Japan, has a rich history in many cultures. It interlaces strips of natural materials to form a strong and visually striking hexagonal pattern. The design of the installation mimics the organic geometry of rocks and hills in natural landscape defined by Kagome weaves. Via digital design, the installation achieves a level of complexity, scale, and precision beyond traditional weaving craft alone. The resulting structure is a captivating surreal landscape scene interplay between traditional craftsmanship and futuristic structure, creating a sense of harmonious balance between the natural and the digital.


Hills, Dan Luo & Weixin Huang. Botanica - Contemporary Art Outside 2023. Image: Dan Luo

Creative Team: M.Bahremandi, I.Chen, K.T.Sze, T.R.Zhang, F.Zulkhibri

Engineering: Z.Y.Xin

Electrical: A.Lagrosa, X.K.Li, M.Marker, Isaac Thorburn

Contributors: T.Beard, L.Z.Fan, Y.Z.Guo, Y.C.Han, Z.Y.He, Y.X.Huang, L.Jauncey, Y.Q.Jia, E.King, X.Y.Lin, K.Milan, Z.X.Qiao, E.Raya, X.Y.Shen, M.Tang, T.Wang, S.Watney, Y.Wu, J.Y.Zhou, Y.T.Zhu

Special Thanks for the support of UQ Innovate and Architecture Workshop


Botanica: Contemporary Art Outside 2023 will be available between 12 - 21 May 2023, 5-10pm. Find out more on the Brisbane City Council website.