RoboBlox impresses at SHErobots Exhibition

4 November 2022
Maryam printing blocks using the robot arm at the ARM-Hub

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dr Maryam Shafiei and Senior Lecturer, Dr Fred Fialho Teixeira from the School of Architecture collaborated with researchers at the QUT and ARM (Advance Robotic Manufacturing)- Hub to develop robotically fabricated prototypes for SHErobots exhibition at the University of Sydney. It is an international exhibition to showcase ongoing research and innovative projects in robotic fabrication through the lens of female perspectives. Scholars from selected universities such as Stuttgart, ETH and UCL along with several universities in Australia like UQ, QUT, University of Sydney and UTS presented their ongoing robotic research at this exhibition.

Breeze blocks being 3D printed

The work RoboBlox, developed by UQ and QUT, introduces a novel interdisciplinary computational workflow that consists of a web-based interactive design platform, a code that translates 2D graphics into 3D forms, and the robotic fabrication of the block pieces. The assembly of individually printed blocks would generate a wall corresponding to the aesthetic desires of the final user. The developed workflow simplifies the complex computational design tasks and makes the design to fabrication process more accessible to non-expert users. The formal complexity of these 3D printed blocks and simplicity of the developed workflow enables achitectural research and practice to rethink and propose a version of the new generation of breeze blocks for Brisbane. The final work along with an essay has been published in the book “SHErobots; Tool, Toy, Companion”.

The composition of breeze blocks would eventually form a wall












: Maryam Shafiei, Frederico Fialho Teixeira

QUT and ARM-Hub
: Muge Belek Fialho Teixeira, Glenda Caldwell, Jared Donovan, Shabnam Lotfian