Researcher biography

Michael Dickson’s research is focused along four broad themes: design and practice and developing design propositions through built work, design pedagogy and creativity, timber construction and timber resource maximisation and finally the confluence between craft and industrial production using CAD and fabrication technologies.

Michael is a lecturer in design, technology and communication at the School of Architecture, University of Queensland. Michael graduated from The University of Queensland in 1993 and has been practicing through a range of offices situated in Brisbane, Malaysia, Ireland and Latvia up until 2006. His most recent practice experience in Latvia was through his own private practice operated in collaboration with Mara Francis from 2001. During this time in private practice, Dickson Francis Architects worked on a range of projects from major reconstructions of post soviet infrastructure through to reconstruction of residences of heritage significance.

Having recently entered academia, Michael’s research straddles teaching, research and practice with projects focusing on prototyping, experimental installations and developing research interests via consultancies through Uniquest.