Researcher biography

Maryam Shafiei a researcher, educator, designer, and maker, holding two coursework architectural degrees and a PhD in Architecture. Throughout her career, Maryam has gained valuable teaching and research experience across a wide range of topics in Design and Architecture, particularly on design communication and visualisation, architecture and furniture design, environmental sustainability, construction technology, and urban planning. In her recent work, Maryam focuses on the intersection of interaction design, computational methods, and new construction technologies. She explores the application of robot arms for artistic works, such as sketching and painting, as well as manufacturing processes like assembly and 3D printing. Her dedication lies in fostering innovative approaches to design across various scales, promoting creativity, environmental consciousness, and inclusivity. Additionally, She has extensive experience and a strong interest in advanced visualisation and design technologies, particularly Virtual and Augmented Reality. Maryam is passionate to leverage these tools to empower less-experienced users in the fields of design and manufacturing.

Areas of research