ATCH members Dr Ashley Paine and Dr Susan Holden co-chaired a session titled "Alternative Histories of the Pavilion" at the 2018 International Conference for the Society of Architectural Historians in St Paul, Minnesota. The session was held on the morning of Thursday 19 April 2022.

Session Presentations

  • The Inverted Sphere: Birth of the Georama, Matthew Teismann, MKC Architects, USA 
  • The Fire Test Pavilion in Modern American Architecture, Johnathan Puff, University of Michigan, USA
  • Exhibiting a New China: The 1910 Nanyang Industrial Exposition Pavilions, Sylvia Man Ha Chan, The University of Hong Kong
  • The Chaff of U.S. Diplomacy: The Forgotten Pavilion of the 1959 World Agricultural Fair, Joss Kiely, University of Michigan, USA
  • The Temporalities of Lundy’s Inflatable AEC Pavilion, Susanneh Bieber, Texas A&M University, USA