Research Seminar: Resilient Remote Communities

Research Seminar: Resilient Remote Communities

Mon 13 Jun 2022 3:00pm5:00pm


Zelman Cowen Building (51)
Jocks Road, St Lucia 4072
51-323 Exhibition Space

Join Dr Steve Snow and Dr Kali Marnane as they present their research on remote communities.  This session will be followed by a discussion chaired by Dr Kelly Greenop and Carroll Go-Sam and refreshments from 4pm - 5pm.

Resilient and renewable: Aiming for greater power resilience in Millaa Millaa
Presented by Dr Steve Snow

In today's world of Zoom meetings, mobile phones and ubiquitous technology, power cuts are far more consequential than they used to be. This project looks at how we can improve energy resilience in cyclone affected locations in Queensland through the use of Microgrids and smart energy technologies. I'll speak through our progress to date on our case study of Millaa Millaa, including community consultation, technical feasibility and how we think we leverage the exceptional community resilience of the town in a solution to improve power quality and keep the lights on after cyclones.

Through the Eyes of Young People: built environments in Ahmedabad and Gunana
Presented by Dr Kali Marnane

Young people are not often consulted on city planning decisions but are important built environment users with insights and perspectives that adults, habituated to their environment, too often don’t see. In this seminar I will collate findings from work with young people living in informal settlements in Ahmedabad, India, to articulate challenges and opportunities for design. Methodological reflections will inform work with young people in Gunana on Mornington Island that aims to leverage community strengths and develop a more culturally responsive town design.


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