2020 architecture academic and merit award winners

17 Dec 2020

The School of Architecture celebrated their 2020 prize winners at a presentation lunch held on Thursday 17 December.

2020 winners of the UQ Architecture Academic and Merit Awards are:

Ceridwen Indigenous Scholarship - Awarded to Frank Hollingsworth
Awarded to a student who most successfully describes how their study or research will serve to benefit Indigenous (Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander) children in Australia.

Conrad Gargett Architectural Design Prize - Awarded to Courtney Albertini, Aaron Barton & Naomi Mackenzie
Awarded annually to the student with the highest GPA in the architectural design courses in the first 5 Semesters of the Bachelor of Architectural Design.

Conrad Gargett Public Architecture Prize - Awarded to Siubhan Rudge and Jeffrey Zheng
Awarded by application, to two Master of Architecture students based on a Master’s design project that best embodies the ideas for architecture and its relationship to the public realm, and a domestic travel proposal that enables them to gain greater understanding and knowledge of the role of public architecture in formation of cities and communities.

The dwp Prize for Architecture - Awarded to Lisa Herbohn
Awarded to a graduating student of the Master of Architecture program who has undertaken the Architecture and Commerce Design Studio and demonstrated the highest quality presentation of their work.

Jane Grealy Prize - Awarded to Anupa Ranchagoda, Highly commended to Sionnan Gresham
Awarded to a student in the first year of Bachelor of Architectural Design for the greatest accomplishment in the representation of architecture and communication of architectural ideas.

John Simpson Prize - Awarded to Nicola Myatt
Awarded to a Master of Architecture student who submits a project that best exhibits the successful integration of architectural design, science and technology.

Karl & Gertrude Langer Memorial Drawing Prize - Awarded to Isabella Reynolds
Awarded to a student enrolled in the Bachelor of Architectural Design or Master of Architecture for the best architectural drawing.

Master of Architecture Thesis Prize - Awarded to Angela Morton
Awarded to a Master of Architecture student with the best architectural thesis submitted for the year.

Peter Hale Cox Architecture Prize - Awarded to Jonathan Buttsworth & Matthew Walton
Awarded annually to the student graduating from the Master of Architecture who obtains the highest GPA in the subject areas of design, technology and practice studies across the two years of the Master of Architecture program.

R. Martin Wilson Memorial Prize - Awarded to Hong Chun Andrew Kwok
Awarded to a Master of Architecture student whose work exhibits the most successful demonstration of the creative integration of architectural technology with imaginative design.

The Responsible Wood Prize (Prize 2) Awarded to Dylan Francis and Simin Louei
Awarded to a Master of Architecture student with the best performance in a course or courses dealing with timber structures. This may include research-based courses where the research topic is in timber structures.

Thick Brick Australia Prize - Awarded to Thomas Cleary & Yun Kim
Awarded to two Master of Architecture and/or Master of Urban Development and Design students for the best use of bricks, blocks or roof tiles in a Master’s design studio.

Board of Architects Queensland Prize 2020 - Matthew Walton
Highest overall GPA based on a combination of studies completed in the Bachelor of Architectural Design and the Master of Architecture.

QIA Memorial Medallion 2020 - Matthew Walton
The QIA Memorial Medallion was established in 1948 as an outside prize to commemorate the Queensland Institute of Architects which was founded in 1888 and later became the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, Queensland Chapter (now known as the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) Queensland Chapter). The Medallion is maintained by a donation from the AIA Queensland Chapter.

This prize is open to all BArch students or MArch students and is awarded to the highest GPA in the final 2 years of the BArch or March. 

Congratulations to all students and thank you to our generous donors.

Architecture Academic and Merit Awards