The VisLab is an immersive visualisation laboratory in the School of Architecture, Design and Planning at The University of Queensland, Australia.

The Vislab is envisaged as a platform for shared interdisciplinary flagship projects on the Next Generation of Built Environments (NGBE). The platform enables coordination and communication between discipline-specific and transdisciplinary research efforts, gathering around similar meta-design questions. Under the umbrella of the “digital” the space provides a digital and spatial platform for experimentation giving design challenges a common spatial dimension. The VisLab provides connectivity to new technologies for visualising these challenges as research processes and decision-making and providing synergies between disciplines. 

The VisLab focuses on digital strategies and technologies that bring spatial data to life. Through the combined application of spatial data, digital modelling and real-time processes the platform tackles complex architectural, engineering and urban design problems, through immersive environments, VR and AR technologies. The lab is platform agnostic and focuses on but is not limited to:

  • Enabling 4D spatial intelligence modelling (BIM) to streamline design, construction and management of built/urban assets. 
  • Enabling large-scale 3D scanning, photogrammetry and data visualisation for construction and digital humanities and advanced manufacturing.
  • Enabling digital twins for robotic, advanced manufacturing and remote construction.
  • Enabling digital twins for touristic and agricultural infrastructure issues.
  • Interoperability with UQ’s Research Computer Centre and EECS Human-Centred Big Data Visualisation Lab.

For additional information and enquiries, please contact:

Senior Lecturer in design (Built Environments)
School of Architecture, Design and Planning